Employment prospects of Law School Grads

When you got your Juris Doctor, you were elated beyond means but a part of you did know that life after it was far from being a John Grisham novel. As reality would have it, you would probably work unethical and unimaginable hours for a big firm bearing the partners’ names in gilded letters and intimidates you everyday you enter the workplace. Apart from that, what though? This question needs answers because not everyone was born to disappear behind cases and document reviews of silver haired senior partners behind gloomy cubicles while your student loans chip away gradually.

What employment Prospects do Law graduates have?

Solo Practise/Small Firms: Yes, it is terrifying to start on your own but with today’s tools of networking it is a lot easier than it used to be. You don’t need billboards and bench signs, all you have to do is to keep a good website and a Linked-in profile and voila! Start-up.

The flip side is that there are a huge number of people who can’t afford the retainers and billable rates of big firms. Hence, there’s a much-improved prospect for solo practitioners/small firms.

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Legal Publishing: If courtrooms and arguments aren’t your thing you can try your academic brain at Legal Publishing and build a brilliant and strong career out of it. What is more, your legacy will live on after you through your published material. Think of the enormous help you will be to the upcoming legal generation.

Government/Politics: What is common between Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Arun Jaitley and Salman Khurshid? Lawyers. The political career may be distant career option but not a completely unattainable one if you wish for one. It is an uphill battle and into very murky waters but then you can make that rewarding for you if you really put your heart to it.

Whenever find yourself doubting, just chant Obama’s mantra and say, “Yes we can.”

Teaching: Mundane? Maybe. Fulfilling? Certainly. And who says you can’t teach and practice at the same time? That way, you could utilise your law degree in a nobler way than most people can and have brilliant tenured position at a university along with the respect that automatically comes along with it.

Investment Banking/Legal advisor: When you know the law ford, backward and sideways, you can be a pretty nifty investment banker and advisor on fiscal matters. A career in financial firm maybe even more lucrative than one in a law firm with none of the competition or the stresses.

Select your path wisely!

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