Five Hacks to Increase your LSAT Score

When you are taking the LSAT, it is important that you maximize your chances of getting a good score in the exam. Sometimes, it’s just about doing the small things right. We give you some LSAT hacks and tricks to improve your Score in this article. Yeah, they may seem like common sense but these are things not done by majority of the test takers.

Here are five LSAT hacks to increase your Score:

1. Take the LSAT in junior college

Not many students are really thinking about when to take the LSAT. Your junior year is more relaxed than the senior year. Why not utilize this time for LSAT preparation and gain the early mover’s advantage? With solid preparation, you can easily get a high LSAT score. The worst that could happen is that you do badly on the LSAT. You still have time to take and improve on your LSAT score. Moreover, by taking the exam in your junior year, you can send in your applications early mitigating competition and improving your chances.

2. Section hacks

For the much feared logic games, it is extremely important that you create a mini-diagram for every logic game. Also, make sure that you remember the basics of logical reasoning very well. Understand concepts such as argument, premise, assumption and conclusion. For reading comprehension, make sure that you read a good magazine or novel every day.

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3. Break the order

Remember that you can skip and come back to the questions later. Make sure that you tackle the easier questions first. If you are not sure which one to tackle, answer the problem with the maximum questions. You will get more bang for your buck. And if there is limited time left, take quick guesses, you will not be penalized for it.

4. Review efficiently

Most serious LSAT takers will incorporate practice tests in their schedule but they do not use it efficiently. Why? Because they do not spend enough time reviewing. When you find wrong answers, you need to spend time understanding the mistake, spending more time on these problems and making sure that these are not repeated again. Do not make the mistake of moving on if you answer correctly. Even when you answer correctly, check whether the approach is the most efficient and time saving one.

5. Five sections on practice tests

Typically, most practice tests offer you only four sections and ignore the fifth optional section. But on the real exam-day, there is no escape from the fifth section. Get into the habit of tackling five sections by throwing in an additional practice section according to the same time guidelines. You may opt for different sections every time. This will help you manage your time and build stamina for the exam.

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