Five Strategies For LSAT Preparation

Doing well at the LSAT is key to getting a seat at a good law school. LSAT provides a standardized way to test the reading and reasoning skills of future law school students. Armed with a good preparation strategy, you will be able to ace the LSAT quite easily.

Keep the following LSAT preparation strategies in mind to achieve the best results in your exam:

  1. Devise a good study plan – Part of doing well at the LSAT is planning well for it. Start atleast 3-6 months before the test date. Familiarize yourself with the test structure and question types.
  2. Take good prep courses – As with most other exams of this scale, there are tons of good preparatory resources available. Stick to trusted names for LSAT courses.
  3. Practice tests – Extremely crucial aspect of your LSAT preparation strategy. Take timed practice tests which simulate real exam like conditions. Atleast take 6-8 practice tests before the actual exam. It helps build endurance and comfort with the exam. This will also give you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You can access free LSAT practice tests on QS LEAP.
  4. Practice informed guesses – Remember LSAT does not have any negative marking. Make sure you attempt all questions and take informed guesses by way of elimination.
  5. Go easy – Remember, LSAT is not a knowledge test. It just tests your reasoning skills. Take it easy in the run up to the LSAT. Regular, consistent practice will see you through.

Follow these tips and maximize your scores at the LSAT.

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