Five Tips for Reapplying to Law School

Did not get into your dream law school the last time round? If a seat at your target law school program still drives you, you may wish to reapply to your target schools. Many applicants worry before reapplying to law schools. They think that reapplications are not seen positively by law schools. However, there is nothing to suggest that reapplying is viewed negatively by law schools. If anything, it only demonstrates your willingness to join the school. And that is a good thing!

However, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is send in your applications just like the last time. You need to take concrete steps to sharpen your application. Here are five tips for reapplying to law school:

1. Retake the LSAT – A low LSAT score is a stumbling block for many students. Retake the LSAT and shoot for a higher score. An improvement by a few points could greatly enhance your application. However, if you already have a good score, you may refrain from this step and focus on other areas of your application.

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2. Apply early – Many applicants miss this critical step. You can give yourself a better shot at admission simply by applying early. Send in your applications early.

3. Rework on other areas of the application – Rework on your personal statement and diversity essay. Experts suggest that you can use this to highlight the work done to improve your candidacy in the last one year. You can write about your experiences preparing yourself for law school. You should also update your resume and transcripts. Also, try to get updated recommendations if possible.

4. Rework on yourself – You may utilize the time gap of one year to pursue additional coursework, take up additional responsibility at work or even get an internship at a legal firm to demonstrate your willingness to join law school. Working on yourself is a great way to enhance your story.

5. Utilize the addendum – A law school addendum gives you a great opportunity to showcase to the school that your current application shows a marked improvement over your earlier submission. Talk about increase in LSAT scores, work experience, other courses and any other thing you have done towards improving your application in the last one year. You should reinforce your commitment to the law school.

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