Getting in a Law School with No or Low LSAT Scores

Low LSAT Scores may not go down too well among parents, peers and key motivators, but sometimes it can work in your favour. Especially when looking at getting into a law school, you can make sure that you have at least one or two options in your bag to get your legal career kick-started.

Your LSAT scores can be a great route to get into an Ivy League, but honestly, there is no guarantee that you will get into one. Your chances of getting into a good school depends on a number of other factors. It is natural to worry about low LSAT scores . However, that does not have to mean that you cannot get into a good law program.

Law Schools that Accept Low LSAT Scores

  • Southern University

Having started in New Orleans, today the Southern University campus sits in Baron Route and is best known as one of the first American universities for African-Americans. Since the past few years, the college has been accepting law students with a score between 143 and 150 in their LSATs.

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  • North Carolina Central University

If you would like to get into public service, this university is a great one to consider. With a rather diverse law student body, you will also be able to participate in a host of extra-curricular activities. Since 2009, this university too has been accepting students with LSAT scores between 143 and 151.

  • Thomas M. Cooley law School

If you wish to study in Michigan, this is the school to consider. They offer law programs in the Grand Rapids as well as the Ann Arbor and the Grand Rapids campus. Students with a full-time job can also apply for the weekend program.

Applying for Law School Without an LSAT

Many students avoid taking the LSAT out of the fear of not doing well. However, in reality, scoring low is quite harmless. On the other hand, not taking your LSAT at all can close down a host of academic avenues for yourself. That said, in some states such as California, USA, it is possible for you to take the bar exam without actually going to a law school. Many times, they don’t even ask students for a college degree. That said, this route may not open too many doors of employment for you.

There are a few ABA-Accredited law schools that will accept a student without an LSAT score, but be prepared for a very challenging road ahead with slow progress, lower salaries and few chances of growth.

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