How Do Law Schools View Multiple LSAT Scores?

Students who have taken the LSAT multiple times often wonder about the impact of their LSAT scores on admission. Since there is no set standard across law schools, this area can confuse quite a lot of students. So, how do law schools view multiple LSAT scores?

The good news is that most of them will only consider your top LSAT score. So, if you have taken the LSAT multiple times and bombed one of the attempts, there is no real cause for worry since many of the law schools you apply to will only consider your best performance. However, students should note that this is just a general rule. Many law schools follow their own admission policies and you must check with the individual law schools.

Until 2006, law schools averaged multiple LSAT scores. In that year, the American Bar Association (ABA) came up with a new requirement for law schools. Instead of reporting average LSAT scores, schools now had to report only the highest LSAT score for their students.

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This move changed the admission process across various schools. Since schools wanted to shore up their rankings, they tilted towards the highest LSAT score policy. They preferred students with the highest scores, even if it came after a retake. Many law schools, however, still continued to average LSAT scores since it was not mandated to use the highest score for the admissions process. Some schools consider both the highest and average LSAT scores. The different approaches have resulted in ambiguity regarding multiple LSAT scores.

If you have taken the LSAT multiple times, it is best that you check with the individual law schools you wish to apply to. Most law schools have explicitly stated their policies on their website. If you are still not clear about the process at your target school, feel free to call the admissions offices. If your preferred school considers average LSAT scores, you may wish to add an addendum in case of a huge discrepancy among your multiple scores.

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