How does LSAC calculate your GPA?

When you are sending your law school applications in, you are also required to send in your college transcripts to LSAC. These scores are then converted to a standard 4.0 system to allow law schools to compare students on the same platform. For law school applicants, the worst nightmare is having a significant difference between the transcript and LSAC GPA calculation.

LSAC GPA Calculation

The GPA calculation itself is pretty straightforward. Each grade is multiplied by the number of credits for that class, added and then divided to come up with an overall GPA figure.

Let’s set the record straight. For most of you, there will be no significant difference between your transcript and LSAC GPA. Before you think that you fall in the minority whose GPA scores will be affected, you need to understand the factors that go behind the LSAC GPA calculation.

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The LSAC takes into account the every grade you received before your bachelor’s degree. You have to send transcripts from every post high school institution. However, they do not take into account any class taken after your bachelor’s degree.

You will be in on the right side of LSAC GPA if you have many A+s on your transcript. If you have retaken classes to improve your grades, you might be in for a rough ride. While your school might forgive you if you flunked a class, LSAC will take both scores into accounts.

Grade inflation and different types of majors do fall in this calculation. Your GPA is directly proportional to the quality of your transcript. Law schools might factor in grade inflation and performances of students from different academic majors.

It would be a good idea to analyse your college transcripts before you send them in. Also, read the rules on the LSAC website carefully to avoid surprises.

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