How long should I prepare for LSAT?

Many test takers begin their LSAT preparation with the question – “How long should I prepare for LSAT?” The question has as many as answers as the number of LSAT test takers. Why do we say that? Because every test taker has a different goal, free time and capabilities in the exam.

LSAT Preparation Time

If you are looking for some general answers, you should start three months before the actual exam date. While six weeks is the absolute minimum you should be looking at, six months of preparation will keep you in very good stead for the exam.

You have to keep in mind that LSAT is a very different exam than other standardized tests you may have taken till now. While other tests like SAT test math and verbal skills, LSAT extensively tests your logical reasoning abilities. While it may not be necessarily tough, it takes time to get used to such questions. An early start will always make you more comfortable with these question.

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If you have enough time on your hand, you can start a little late. However, if you are a working professional who has only about 10 hours every week, you may need to start way earlier to get accustomed to the exam format.

Most LSAT test takers have different goals. While for some it may suffice to just get into law school, others dream of the Harvards and Yales of the world. Set a score for yourself based on your target schools. Of course, higher the target, more the time you need to spend on your exam preparation.

Finally, your LSAT preparation schedule should allow you to cover all the concepts and take atleast a couple of LSAT practice tests. Giving yourself the right amount of time for preparation goes a long way towards achieving a great score in your LSAT.

Plan on taking the LSAT? Devise a preparation schedule for yourself and access free practice tests.

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