How Many Law Schools Should I Apply To?

As a law school applicant, you are really spoilt for choice. With a plethora of options in terms of the number of programs and other factors, it can be a pretty tough choice to decide on your choice of law school. You need to think about the law fields offered, career opportunities, program costs and location of the law school. Obviously, you want the one which ticks all boxes.

An important question for many students at this stage is – “How many law schools should I apply to?” This is a very important part of the application process. Of course, your admissions are dependent on your LSAT scores, GPA and the overall strength of the application. However, a smart approach can yield results in your favour.

Obviously, you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you have a good LSAT score and GPA, it is not a wise idea to apply to only one law school. You are never guaranteed admission even with a high LSAT score and GPA. So, don’t restrict yourself to only one law school and send in applications to a basket of schools.

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Generally, it is a good idea to send in around 6-8 applications. Restrict yourself to around 10-12 applications. Among these, you should select a couple of schools that are slightly above your application reach, a few where your application numbers match the average LSAT and GPA scores and a few safety schools where your numbers are stronger than the median numbers. In this way, you give yourself the best chance of admission in the current admission cycle and do not have to repeat the process again.

If you have a competitive LSAT score and GPA, you can perhaps land a good program with applying to a fewer schools. Then again, do not forget applying to a couple of safety schools. Obviously, in case of lower LSAT and GPA numbers, you need to apply to a higher number of schools.

When applying to law schools, make sure that you do some good research about the law schools, especially if they are not in the top 10 programs. Be realistic about the admission process and do not waste time behind law schools which are way above your application reach. Do not go on a crazy application submission-spree. Remember that with every application, you are also adding to the cost of admission.

Spend time on each application and make sure that you are pitching it right to each law school. As always, the golden mantra is – Develop a few ‘strong’ applications, instead of many ‘average’ ones.

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