How to get a high LSAT Score?

For many LSAT students, scoring a 170+ is a distant dream. But it is not as tough as it looks. You need to be consistent and dedicated in your approach. Nail the preparation with some great strategies and you will be well on your way towards a seat at your preferred law school.

Here are five strategies for a high LSAT score:

1. Give yourself ample prep time – If you want to do something well, you have to give it time. The LSAT is no different. Shoot for at least six months of preparation time before the exam date if you are looking at a great score.

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2. Familiarize yourself with the questions – Students who do well in the LSAT tend to know the question types in the exam very well. Since the exam is inherently predictable, you can easily understand the various question types. Once you start recognizing them, you can slowly begin to get a grasp of the best answers to these types of questions. However, you will need to spend many hours learning, doing practice problems, taking practice tests and reviewing answers.

3. Take timed practice tests – The most important step in your LSAT preparation. Take as many timed practice tests as possible. They will help you learn time management techniques which can never be taught. Timed preparation is important since the LSAT is a time intensive exam. Practice tests also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. They also mentally fortify you for an exam of this nature. Shoot for one test every weekend at least two months before the exam.

4. Never repeat mistakes – After taking practice tests, always analyze your answers. Once you know where you went wrong, never repeat the mistake in subsequent tests. That should be your practice test goal. You can commit newer mistakes, but never repeat mistakes.

5. Smart guesses are welcome – Since the LSAC doesn’t penalize test takers for guessing, take smart guesses by learning to eliminate answer choices. Make sure that you start your guesswork only after you have completed all the questions that you know in the section. Never leave any question on the LSAT.

Start preparing for LSAT.

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