How to Master the LSAT Logic Section?

LSAT Logic SectionA common question many LSAT candidates ask is – How can they get faster in the logical reasoning section?

Most students will claim that they know their material but every time they take timed tests, things begin to fall apart. It is a common myth that you can have trouble with timing regardless of how well you know your section. It is often found that 80 to 90% of the speed related issues when solving the logical reasoning section is solved when you get better at the section in general.

Here are few things you can do to master LSAT logic section –

  • Understanding your Stimulus before you Look at the Answer Choices

The stimulus refers to a large block of text that exists in every question of this section. This is without doubt the most important part of your question. Also, note that 4 out of the 5 answers provided are wrong. Students often tend to waste time going through each and every answer. Instead, if you are 100% in the know of your stimulus, going right to the correct answer becomes a much quicker process saving you at least 30 to 40 seconds for each question. It is recommended that you read the question 2-3 times if needed to. This takes far less time than working on eliminating the wrong answers. When the question is an “argument” you should be able to understand what the conclusion and reasoning say.

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  • Pre-phrase the Right Answer

When reading your question, practice on how to predict what the answer will be. Almost all of your LR questions can be easily pre-phrased. Start by precisely identifying the reasoning and the conclusion; skim through the argument again to check if anything is unclear or if you have forgotten to make note of anything. Finally, stop and think about whey the argument could be wrong. Follow these steps before you look at the answers.

  • Reading all the Answers before Thorough Consideration

If you are more comfortable reading the answers before making your decision, it is recommended that you read ALL of them before you start considering them thoroughly. It does not make sense to spend 30 seconds thinking about A or B without looking at D and E.

Finally, it is recommended that you identify the question types that slow you down the most and practice them even more. If you find yourself getting 100% of the parallel reasoning questions right but you are taking over 2 minutes to answer each one of them, this is clearly working against you.

  • Practice a lot of problems

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