How to score a 180 on LSAT?

Aiming for 180 on the LSAT? Congratulations. That’s a great target score to have. Getting a 180, or somewhere close, takes you that much nearer to a seat at a prestigious law school and a chance to secure a good financial aid. There is no secret formula to achieve the magic number. Students who score a 180 are armed with some great preparation strategies.

So, here’s what you can do to score a 180 on the LSAT:

1. Create a study plan – Remember that nothing great was ever achieved without sticking to a plan. You need to devise a realistic study plan keeping into account your time availability. Remember that many of the subject areas in the LSAT will be new to you. Shoot for 3-6 months of preparation.

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2. Conquer Logic Games – Logic games test your ability to understand structures between relationships and deduce insights from it. Understand the basics such as question types and diagrams. Once you master the basic concepts, go for timed questions. Remember that going slow is the key here. Spend a lot of time on this area and try to solve questions from this section daily. You will begin to then spot patterns more easily. This section will be the most alien to you, so slow and steady is the way to go!

3. Master Logical Reasoning Questions – Remember that time management is key in this section. Typically, the first few questions tend to be slightly easier so make sure you polish off those very fast. You can easily skip around to tackle questions you are more comfortable first. Since the exam poses half the questions from this area, you need to prepare very hard for this section. Remember to not pick an answer choice because it is a true statement. Pick the answer only on the basis of the given information.

4. Tackle Reading Comprehension Questions – This is a section where you can continually improve by just reading quality stuff like The Economist. When tackling passages, you need to understand the objective of the author, the tone of the passage, author’s attitude and other such factors. Make sure you read the passage, questions and the answer choices very carefully.

5. Take LSAT Practice Tests – Any high scoring test taker would attest this strategy. Practice tests are the only way to improve speed, understand mistakes and gain confidence and stamina for the exam. Always analyze your performance after every practice test, work on your weaknesses and make sure they are not repeated again.

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