How to Select the Right Law School?

When preparing for the law school admissions process, a very important point is to select the right law school. Of course, it depends on your LSAT scores, GPA and overall application. If you don’t fit the bill for the top law schools, you may want to tick certain boxes while selecting law schools.

Here are some factors to consider while selecting your law school:

1. Fields of law – You may have already narrowed down the field of law you wish to practice in after you graduate from law school. While selecting a law school, choose one that focuses on your area of interest. Many law schools have carved a niche for certain fields of law.

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2. Location – Location is consistently ranked as one of the top factors while selecting law schools. Why so? Because the law school location is an important factor for networking and career opportunities, family commitments and other personal factors. Remember that you are going to spend a lot of time at the law school. Pick out a location that suits your career goals and personal interests.

3. Career opportunities – While selecting a law school, you may want to look at the track record of your target schools. Find out how many graduates found a job right after school, average salary numbers and related data. Also, check out whether the school offers good clinical programs and externships.

4. Cost – Good law school education comes at a cost. If you are not in the top 10, maybe you want to tilt the scales in favour of a school where the fees is on the lower side. Also, look for scholarships and bursaries. You don’t want to be in heavy debt as soon as you get out of law school.

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