Is Practicing The LSAT Without Time Constraints A Good Idea?

If you aspire to get admitted to the best law schools in India or abroad, you know that the LSAT is your best friend and also your worst enemy. As you befriend the all important test and start giving it your all through prep, there is one thing you have to bear in mind – Time of course.

There are experts, including those who have appeared for the test in the past, who will offer you insights into how to tackle each of the LSAT sections. But what’s often overlooked is the importance of prepping for the test with time constraints.

Why set time constraints with LSAT prep?

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Well firstly because LSAT is a timed test. If candidates had all the time in the world, they would all have top scores to show. But the fact remains that you have to score on the test by answering almost 100 questions in designated time.

Analyzing an argument can be easy, but doing it, identifying its weakness and picking the right answer from five choices in just over a minute is tricky. LSAT prep with time constraints encourages you to read, think and analyze quickly and cope with time limits better.

How to prep with time constraints?

It is recommended that when you start your LSAT preparation, you take the test under timed conditions. It can help you figure out where you stand if you were to take the test today, and will offer you a direction for your overall preparation.

It’s a good idea to time at least one section of the test at a time. Remember, you have 35 minutes to answer all the questions in each section. Continue this process or take full LSAT with time constraints through most of your prep.

Can you let go of the time constraints?

Ideally you should stick to the time constraints during your LSAT prep. However when you first start studying for a particular question type, you can discount time as a factor. The same applies for instances when you review each question, especially those you got wrong.

Time constraints during LSAT prep are not meant to put you under added pressure, but to help you display your skills in a timed environment.

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