Is Scoring A Perfect 180 On The LSAT Really Possible?

As they say, it’s a good strategy to aim high because then you are always looking up. And that’s what you want to do when you are preparing for your LSAT, which probably is going to be the one of the most important tests of your life. It’s true that a score of over 160 in your LSAT along with a decent GPA can get you into your chosen law schools. But of course, a score 180 doesn’t hurt your prospects at all and helps you win bragging rights.

What are the chances of getting a perfect score 180?

The question is, whether that perfect score is really possible? Actually it is and the perfect 180 is not as rare as you might think. According to a legend, there is a guy who scored 180, drew a smiley face on the essay section of the LSAT and got into Harvard.

How to do it with a smile?

Now that we know perfect 180 is distinctly possible, you have to realize that your prep will have to be taken a notch higher. You will surely be breaking a sweat but if you prepare smartly you can still get to the coveted score with a smile on your face.

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  • You might have gone through a list of law schools you would like to get admissions in and have your specific goals? But you can benefit immensely from having a study plan to maximize your score.
  • The first step in studying for your LSAT should be taking a practice test assessing your strengths. Depending on your baseline score you can set yourself a realistic goal for improvement.
  • While the perfect 180 might seem wonderful for record books, you can’t consider it your direct ticket to the top law schools. Besides, if your GPA score is strong enough, you might not need to score 180 to get into best schools.
  • Your study plan should take into account how much time you are willing to and can spend on your preparation every week. You don’t have to devote 24 hours of the day to get the perfect 180, and in fact are better off spreading out your prep over the course of few months.
  • Some of the top LSAT prep courses can definitely give you the cutting edge advantage. However there are candidates who have self-studied and managed to get 180 as well. At any rate, it’s important to have access to high quality resource material.

Getting 180 on LSAT is not impossible, but it’s definitely not a walk in the park.

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