Is there any such thing as too many LSAT Practice tests?

The LSAT practice tests are an invaluable tool in the hands of test takers. Nothing prepares you for the exam as well as a practice test. Not only does it give you plenty of practice problems, it is the best way to understand the exam format, time management and your own strengths and weaknesses. We recommend a minimum of 6-8 practice tests before the actual LSAT. But is there any such thing as too many LSAT practice tests?

Turns out there is! LSAT practice tests form an extremely important component of your study plan. Take one too many however, and they cease to be effective. Taking LSATs one after the other, without strategically including them in your study plan, is a recipe for disaster. They will only serve to reinforce your mistakes.

Another problem with taking too many LSAT practice tests is that you may burn out before the actual exam. Since a practice test simulates exam-like conditions, taking too many exams may mentally exhaust you and not keep you in your best shape during the actual LSAT.

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One way of using LSAT practice tests effectively is to take them at spaced out intervals to gauge your progress. Closer to the actual exam, ramp up the frequency to atleast once a week. This will make sure that you are at complete ease with the exam before the D-Day.

Also, make sure you review all the answers well. Spending time taking practice LSATs and not giving enough time for review completely beats its purpose. Once you identify your weaknesses, spend time working on them. Once you have mastered that concept, these mistakes should never be repeated again in subsequent practice tests.

The takeaway: Do not attempt every LSAT practice tests. Taking a few practice tests strategically will go a long way towards securing a good LSAT score.

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