Last Minute Tips for LSAT

Your LSAT is just a month away. Don’t wilt under the pressure of the approaching exam. You can utilize this month to cement your concepts, iron out your weaknesses and boost you confidence. We offer you great strategies which will boost your LSAT scores.

Last Minute Tips for LSAT:

  • Take Practice Tests – The first and the most important tip of this section. Taking LSAT practice tests is the best way you can approach your LSAT. This will help you in myriad ways. You will understand your strengths and weaknesses, devise study plans for weak areas, build up endurance and speed and become familiar with the format and question types, Make sure you take it under strict exam-like conditions. Take a minimum of four tests – one for every week.
  • Do not worry too much about the tough question – Chances are that the LSAT practice tests will throw up some tough questions. Do not worry too much about them. Stick to improving your Strenghten/Weaken, Inference, Assumptions and Reading Comprehension question types in this period. This will serve you better at the exam.
  • There is nothing called cramming – You cannot really cram for LSAT. The LSAT tests critical reading and reasoning skills. You cannot memorize anything for the exam. Just make sure you do a lot of practice problems.
  • Read the question well – Make it a point to read the questions well. Sometimes, valuable time is lost rereading the question. Read the questions well and then begin to solve them.
  • Stay motivated – Keep your mind clutter free and be motivated. Tell yourself “How this exam will change your life?” There are tons of motivational videos and self-motivation techniques that can help.
  • Keep fit – Keep your mind and body fresh by indulging in some light exercises such as a run or playing a sport. Take care of you eating and sleeping patterns as well. It will keep you energized before the exam.

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