LSAT Applications See A Jump in These Troubled Times?

There has been an increase in the number of LSAT takers in the 2015 – 16 cycle, which ended the five year downturn in the figures. It has led to an increased number of applicants to law schools, and the trend continues.

Early figures for the present LSAT cycle show that the numbers are bound to increase. After turning their backs to law as a career choice for a few years, candidates are cautiously but certainly returning to law schools through the LSAT route.

Numbers speak for themselves

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Year 2009–10 had the highest number of LSAT takers in recent times and while the present showing doesn’t match up, it certainly overturns the decline in numbers in the past few years. 2014–15 statistics were worrying as they had dropped by 40% compared to five years ago.

Heartening signs were seen early in the 2015-16 cycle and the numbers eventually rose by 5% from the previous year. There has been a corresponding rise in the number of applicants to law schools. According to studies, the numbers are only going to rise in coming times.

What makes Law degree appealing in these times?

To understand the growing appeal of law school degree today, we need to look back at the history and the present scenario all over the world.

  • Last time there was a surge in LSAT applications was in 2009-10. It was after recession had hit and college graduates were finding it difficult to get a job. They flocked to law schools in large numbers to boost their career prospects.
  • According to experts, we have reached a point where higher level degree is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Hence there is going to be an increase in the number of LSAT applicants, who want to give themselves the competitive edge.
  • Another important factor that has to be looked at is the current political scenario all over the world, which leaves room for conflicts for individuals and institutions. There are more people taking recourse to law, which means more clients and new job opportunities in the field.

However growing LSAT applications also means increased competition, which requires candidates to put their best step forward.

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