LSAT Logic Games Tips

LSAT test takers are normally very apprehensive towards Logic Games. The difficulty stems from the unfamiliarity with these kind of problems. However, one can easily master the section with some good practice time under your belt. We offer you LSAT logic games tips which will help you ace the section during the exam.

1. Use good prep material:

When training for this section, you need access to the best problems and solutions. Stick to reputed names for your study resources.

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2. Master every question type one by one:

When you start out in this section, it’s a good idea to master the different question types one by one. There are many game types which can be categorized as basic linear, advanced linear, grouping, linear combinations, mapping and so on. Out of them basic linear, advanced linear and grouping section appears most frequently in the exam. Master all the question types one by one.

3. Forget the time for now:

When you are preparing for logic games, you need to be accurate in your understanding and solving the problem. Strive towards that goal. When you are familiar with the question type, you can start taking timed section tests.

4. Choose the best diagram methods:

Diagrams are extremely important while representing logic games problems. Use the best diagram methods offer by test prep companies. You will get a sense of the best methods when you are tackling practice questions.

5. Take practice tests:

Once you get the feel for the section, you can start taking practice tests which test you under actual conditions. Always use feedback gained from this exercise to guide your preparation strategy.

6. Revise old logic games:

If you have found it difficult to deal with a particular question type, there is no harm in revising and redoing those games again. This will cement the solution approach in your brain.

With these LSAT logic games tips, you should be well prepared to take the section head on in the actual exam.

Attempt a few logic games problems.

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