LSAT Mistakes That You Should Avoid

There are a number of strategies you can follow to do well at the LSAT. However, test takers also do things that they should absolutely not do in their run up to the LSAT. We list down the three worst LSAT mistakes you can make during the preparation stages.

Setting aside only a few weeks while aiming a 170+ score

Test takers have to understand that preparing for the LSAT takes time. If you are aiming for a score above 170+, you have to do full justice to the time. LSAT has tons of unfamiliar questions and you should give yourself enough time to familiarize yourself with the exam. The LSAT is not a test of knowledge. It is a skill-based test and it takes time to master those skills.

Using shortcuts

As we mentioned above, performing well in the LSAT requires months of solid preparation. Rely on standard methods and best practices instead of shortcuts. Many students try solving logic games problems in their heads because they have not mastered the art of diagrams or simply haven’t practiced enough. You will get better and devise your own quick way of solving problems in all sections when you practice well. Forget shortcuts. There are none to the way of success.

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Not giving time for review

Practice tests offer an invaluable way to understand your strengths and weaknesses. However, many students do not spend enough time reviewing their answers. Review all the answers, and not just the wrong ones, to see whether you took the wrong approach to a right answer. Maybe there is a quicker, faster solution to the problem. You will never learn if you don’t examine your performance. Also, review your time spent on individual sections. You want to progressively get better at this.

Want to score high in the LSAT? Avoid these three worse LSAT mistakes at all costs!

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