LSAT Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

You decided to get in some valuable work experience before taking the LSAT. And now the time seems right for taking the exam. However, adding LSAT preparation to an already busy schedule may seem overwhelming. The pressures of work and LSAT preparation do not make a great couple. With some amount of careful planning, it is not so difficult to do well in the exam.

Here are some LSAT preparation tips for working professionals:

1. Devise a good study plan – This is an important step for all LSAT students. But it is even more critical for working professionals. Since you have limited time to study every day, it becomes important to develop a plan which takes into account your lifestyle. For instance, you may be able to give only 2 hours to prep on the weekdays but 5 hours on the weekend. Make a good plan and stick to it.

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2. Schedule the LSAT well in advance – Having a clear goal ahead will keep you motivated for the exam. Working professionals need to give themselves more time for LSAT preparation. Keep in mind the application cycles of your target law schools. Moreover, you may want to take the exam early enough to allow yourself enough room for a retake if necessary.

3. Be flexible – Sudden meetings, business trips and new projects can all be a dampener to your LSAT preparation. The key is to not stress out and be as flexible as possible. Even if you miss out on a couple of days, it is perfectly fine so long as you make up for lost time.

4. Take tiny steps – Working professionals may feel that they are progressing very slowly. Remember that these tiny steps will add up to a lot in the future. Keep at it and you will begin to see the fruits of labour very soon.

5. Practice tests – How can we not mention practice tests here? Whether it is a regular student or a working professionals, LSAT practice tests are a must have. Schedule them on the weekend for an uninterrupted exam. Always, spend time reviewing your answers and work on your weaknesses.

6. Stay motivated – Sometimes the constant work and LSAT prep routine may take a toll on you. Seek support from your family and friends. Take breaks whenever needed. Utilize online study groups on our own website to ask doubts and discuss preparation strategies and stay motivated for the exam.

Start Preparing.

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