LSAT Scores for University of Chicago Law School

The University of Chicago Law School is ranked among the top ten law schools in the country. Just like the other top law schools, admissions to the school are highly competitive.

The median LSAT score for University of Chicago Law School is 170. If you look at the latest available profile card, the 25th percentile-75th percentile range is 166-172. The school has also admitted students scoring as low as 151 on the LSAT.

The GPA numbers too form a pretty broad range. While the median GPA is 3.90, the 25th-75th percentile GPA range is 3.79-3.96. However, the lowest GPA is 2.99 while the highest admitted GPA is 4.17.

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Clearly, admission to this school is not as competitive as Yale or Harvard. Good GPA and LSAT scores will keep you in the top pile of applicants at University of Chicago Law School.

Like most schools, LSAT scores are not the sole determinants of admission. In fact, there is no minimum LSAT or GPA requirement .The other components of your application are equally important. Perhaps this explains the admission given to the candidate scoring only 151 on the LSAT.

If you take multiple LSATs, the university reviews all the scores. But it considers only the highest LSAT score for admission. If there is a large difference, however, you will need to submit an addendum. Since the University of Chicago follows a rolling admissions process, it recommends taking the June or September/October test dates to send in your applications early.

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