LSAT Scores for University of Pennsylvania Law School

The University of Pennsylvania Law School is a moderately competitive law school ranked in the top 10 law schools in the country. While it may not be in the league of Harvard and Yale, the school enjoys a good reputation among law schools. So, what does it take to get in to Penn Law?

If you look at the admissions data for the class of 2017, the median LSAT score is 169. The 25th-75th LSAT score range is 164-170. Obviously falling within or going over the range will keep you in good stead.

The median GPA is 3.89 while the 25th-75th GPA range is 3.52-3.95. An LSAT score in the high 160s combined with a GPA of 3.7+ would make you extremely competitive at Penn Law.

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Like most law schools, University of Pennsylvania Law School does not have any statistical cut-offs for review. Apart from academic history, personal statements and recommendation, Penn Law looks at work experience, background and other unique achievements.

The school considers all the LSAT scores and are part of the application evaluation process. Multiple LSAT takers need to make note of this crucial point.

If you are interested in Penn Law, try to send in your applications as early as possible. Sending in your applications by September will greatly bolster your chances of admission.

Good LSAT scores along with a strong application should see you walking into Penn Law pretty comfortably!

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