LSAT Scores Required For Yale

For many of you, the dream of a law school begins from Yale. Consistently ranked as the number one law school in the US, Yale Law School attracts tons of applications from prospective law school students. Obviously, the admissions are highly competitive. Moreover, the school is famous for its notorious selection policies. Even a score of 175+ does not guarantee a seat at this prestigious institution.

The worse part? You still have to score that much to be above the median range. The median LSAT score for the class of 2017 is 173. The median GPA is 3.91. It is fairly obvious that you need to be on top of the academic tree to be extremely competitive for Yale.

As is the trend with many law schools in the US, Yale Law School does not have a cut-off. It states:

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“We treat each YLS applicant as an individual and review each file holistically. Accordingly, we do not use a formula or index to weigh various factors in an application, nor do we have a GPA or LSAT score cutoff.”

You would be surprised that the lowest LSAT score for the class of 2017 is 158. It is fairly obvious that demonstrating an excellent GPA, letters of recommendation, resume, personal statement and essays all count towards your admission at Yale.

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