Overcome LSAT Anxiety : Here Are Five Strategies

You are doing great on your LSAT preparation. You have a good study plan and aced a few practice tests as well. Suddenly, a panic wave strikes you! What if the LSAT exam does not go as well as planned? You become anxious and start worrying too much.

Sounds like you? Worry not. LSAT induced anxiety is pretty common among test takers. Here are five proven strategies for overcoming LSAT anxiety:

  1. Set a sleep schedule – Burning the midnight oil for LSAT preparation? Time to change that probably. Tweak your study schedule in a way that you can get to bed early enough and get your eight hours of sleep. Lack of good sleep is one of the most common causes of anxiety.
  2. Exercise – Mild exercising helps beat out all the accumulated stress. Don’t think preparing for LSAT means confining yourself to the four walls of your home. Go for a run, do yoga, play a sport – whatever suits you!
  3. Don’t be over obsessed with it – While it is a good idea to have a strong goal towards LSAT, don’t become too obsessed with it. If you are breathing, eating, thinking and sleeping LSAT, time to take a back seat.
  4. Avoid distractions – A major cause of stress is not sticking to your study schedules in the lead up to the exam. To avoid this from happening, avoid distractions at all costs. Keep your iPhone and tablet away. Create a comfortable zone for your LSAT preparation.
  5. Follow some relaxation techniques – These techniques vary for different people. While breathing helps some people, some people may get their does of relaxation listening to heavy metal. Whatever be your technique, practice it every day, even on the day of the exam. Our advice: Breathe!

Follow these techniques to beat anxiety before LSAT. Thank us later!

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