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Popular Weekend LSAT Prep Courses And What They Offer You

Popular Weekend LSAT Prep Courses And What They Offer You

If you want to get into the top 25 law schools then you will have to score somewhere in the range of 160 or above in your LSAT. Hence though LSAT has no passing score, doing well in the all-important test is crucial for your prospects with law schools.

It’s particularly true since several of them are known to weigh your LSAT score 70% while your 4 years of hard work in GPA with just 30%. That’s why you need to start preparing for the 3 ½ hours’ test well ahead of time.
Importance of weekend prep courses.

What are Weekend LSAT Prep courses?

It’s recommended that you start preparing for your LSAT at least three months before the exam. Reputed LSAT prep courses can give you the cutting edge advantage, but some of you might need flexibility given your personal and professional commitments.

That’s where Weekend LSAT Prep Courses come into the picture. They pack a punch for your prep in a short span of time and are definitely convenient for you. Here are a few of the reputed weekend courses that you could look into for your LSAT prep.

The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course

This intensive, two days’ deconstruction of the LSAT can be the program to kick start your prep or a fitting finale as you get into the top gear for the test day. It includes 16 hours of smartly planned sessions, 19 hours of on demand videos and interactions with the best instructors that can boost your confidence. The weekend course will cost you $395.

Velocity Test Prep – Knoxville Course

Held over several Saturdays and Sundays, it includes 80 hours of live instruction and full online video course access, which is more than 100 hours of lessons. You will also get the cutting edge advantage for the LSAT thanks to 6 full-length proctored exams. The program with full access to online course is priced at $999.

Get Prepped – 1 Weekend LSAT class

An affordable alternative to LSAT classes, here you can benefit from the personal attention you get thanks to a small batch size of 12. The comprehensive weekend class includes video mini-lessons, online tests and hundreds of pages of lessons and test analysis. The course that costs you $450 also offers you access to Guided Self Study course online.
These weekend courses can put your LSAT prep on the right track. But remember, getting past the finishing line depends solely on your efforts.

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