Post LSAT Plans: Stay On Top Of Things

The test that has overwhelmed you for months is now over. You can now stop living, breathing and talking about the LSAT, at least for a while. Of course there are more fun things in life and there are plenty of articles that will suggest that you should let your hair down and unwind. Sadly, this is not one of those articles.

We understand that you deserve a break and of course doing well on your LSAT is an opportunity to celebrate. But we also realize that as a career oriented student focused on a law school degree you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to get things right. We are going to help you do just that to ensure that your law school application is spot on.

Things to do after the LSAT

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Yes, take time out to celebrate

You might not have been able to see your friends for a while or catch the movie you have been planning on watching. Others might have missed out on dates or a weekend trip they had been planning. Now is the time to do all of those things because you are not burdened with a tight schedule for LSAT prep.

Analyze your performance in the test and look at your options

While the LSAT is fresh in your mind, think about how you felt right after the test. What according to you is the score that will get you a look in at your chosen colleges? If you think you won’t be able to score that highly, are you going to be able to devote time for LSAT prep next time around? It’s perfectly alright to give your LSAT multiple times to get a good score.

Work on the personal statement

Just like the LSAT, this is another crucial element of Law School applications. Hence you need to devote time for it, Remember that your personal statement / supplementary essay don’t necessarily have to be your best literary work. Try to keep it succinct, based on the program you are applying for and in order to show that you are a suitable candidate for admission.

Work on other aspects of your application

Putting your transcripts together might be the most straightforward task here but can take time. Letters of recommendation on the other hand can be tedious to acquire and can take even longer. Make sure that each letter you get has a specific purpose and adds weight to the application. It’s also important to get Dean’s Certification for your Academic and Disciplinary record.

Once you have set these things in motion you can breathe easy and truly celebrate your success at LSAT.

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