Preparation Strategies for LSAT Logical Reasoning Section

The Logical Reasoning section in LSAT is the most important area in the LSAT. LSAT presents two logical reasoning sections to test takers and accounts for around half your score. If you want to do well on the LSAT, you have to ace this section.

Here are some preparation strategies for LSAT logical reasoning section:

1.Use good prep material – Never leave such an important section to inferior test materials. Always stick to reputed brand names. Good study resources are key to landing a seat at your dream law school.

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2. Learn the question types – The Logical Reasoning section presents different question types such as argument, assumption, strengthen and weaken, among others. Recognizing the various question types will help you in approaching the answer to the question. Try to master all of them one by one.

3. Read carefully – Always make sure that you read the passage very carefully before moving on to the question and answer choices. Make sure that you are doing active reading, processing the information and are alert towards faulty reasoning. Start reading a lot of news reports and magazines to make sure that you can sharpen the skills on this section.

4. Diagram LR Questions when necessary – Yes, you may need to diagram certain LR questions. Learn when it is necessary to draw diagrams for this section. If too many things have to be kept inside your head, draw a quick diagram. Some problems may look complicated but has a formal logic, you don’t really need a diagram to solve them. Remember, practice diagrams to master their usage.

5. Practice tests – The good old LSAT practice tests never go out of fashion, do they? Use a lot of practice problems and tests to gain a stronghold on this section. Remember that it is a very critical section on the LSAT and you need quite a lot of practice under your belt. When taking practice tests, make sure that you review your answers and approaches. Use those insights to work on your weaknesses and avoid making those mistakes again.

Attempt a few LR questions.

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