Required LSAT Scores for Admissions to Top Law Schools

When students take the LSAT, most of them are aiming for top law school admissions. However, admissions to these schools are highly competitive. Apart from LSAT scores on the top of the pile, these law schools also consider your GPA, recommendation letters and essays. Having an extremely strong profile, in addition to high LSAT scores, are needed for admission to top law schools.

While most law schools claim that they do not have any minimum cut-off for LSAT and GPA, you know that you need a great profile or LSAT score to be considered for admission to these schools.

If you look at the top two law schools – Yale and Harvard, the median LSAT scores reported have been at 173. The GPAs also fall in the 3.77-3.91 range. While high scores on both the fronts are indeed preferred, students with even scores as low as 158 have been admitted at these law schools. These are the outliers – students who have a great application backed with an extraordinary profile.

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Some of the other law schools which have high LSAT requirements include schools such as Columbia and Stanford.

Below is the list of the universally accepted top law schools in the country. You need to secure a minimum of 168+ to be above the median range for these law schools.

Median LSAT Scores For Top Law Schools

Law School/University LSAT Score Requirement
Yale Law School 173
Harvard Law School 173
Columbia Law School 172
Stanford Law School 172
New York University 170
University of Chicago 170
University of Pennsylvania 169
Duke University 169
University of Virginia 169
Northwestern University 168

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