Should I cancel my LSAT Score?

After an exhausting LSAT, this question comes in the minds of many test takers. The LSAT is a rigorous exam and such thoughts are common to pop up in your head. Before examining whether to cancel your score, let’s see how it is done. You have two ways to do it:

  • On the answer sheet on the day of the test
  • By written request within six days of the test

If you cancel your LSAT score, then you will never know your LSAT score. Neither will the score be reported to law schools. However, the school will know that you have cancelled an exam. While one odd cancellation owing to a bad test day is perfectly fine, repeated cancellations will not leave a good impression in front of the admission officers.

If you want to cancel the score, do it only if you have really bombed the exam. You may want to cancel the exam if you were unwell on test day, you faced bad testing conditions and you selected the wrong answer choices due to a silly mistake. Sometimes you may feel that you have not done well, but is not true. If you did badly on only one section, chances are that it was the experimental section and will not be scored during the exam.

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A good idea would be to look at the admission policies of the law schools at your choice. If the schools are concerned with only the top score, you may not want to cancel the score if you are unsure about the exam. Others may look at all scores or focus more on your best score. Your cancellation strategy should depend majorly on the school admission policies.

You can use practice tests for self-assessment. Before you look at your scores, try to assess your sections and the scores. Practising this well will help you determine whether your exam performance is in your target LSAT score range.

We suggest not cancelling the LSAT scores on the day of the exam. Go back home, sleep on it and then decide whether you really want to do it. Be rational, and not emotional, about this decision.

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