Should I postpone my LSAT test date?

“Should I postpone my LSAT test date?” That’s one of the tough questions you will need to answer especially if your preparation is not up to the mark. The important thing to keep in mind is to realistically assess your own preparation levels. Are you thinking of postponement just because you are nervous? Or you actually need some more months of solid preparation? These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself before arriving at an answer to that question.

If you have not been able to stick to your study plan, perhaps it is a good idea to postpone your LSAT date. However, you need to make the additional months count. You need to sit on the drawing board and revise your study plan to fit in with your own daily time availability and preparation needs.

You also need to determine whether the factors that prevented you from putting in your best effort the first time around, will play a part during the future exam date as well. If you did not prepare for the LSAT due to social/personal commitments, chances are that these will play a part during the next exam date as well. In this scenario, it is better to accelerate your preparation towards the fag end and take the exam instead of postponing it for a later date. For students who are distracted easily, a shorter time frame is a lot easier to manage than a much longer 3-4 month schedule.

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Practice tests can also be a great guide to your exam strategy. If your practice test scores are around your target score mark, you should not postpone the LSAT. If you find that your practice LSAT scores are way off the mark, it is worthwhile to spend an additional few months preparing for the exam.

Another key thing is the impact of postponement on the admission deadlines. For instance, postponing from June to October may not affect admissions but any later and these factors start coming in to play. Don’t just get caught in the LSAT game. You need to give equal importance to other parts of your application as well. If you take the LSAT in December, your scores will come in much later which may put you at a certain disadvantage in a few law schools.

Postponing the LSAT may help you achieve a good score. If you are thinking about doing it, you need to consider in mind the factors listed above. You also need to pay a test date change fee of $90. If you are confronted with this question, take an objective decision based on a realistic assessment of your own capabilities.

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