Should You Take a Prelaw Major Before Applying to Law School?

Many prospective law school students wonder about prelaw major and their effect on law school admission chances. The official position on this aspect is pretty clear. The American Bar Association has clearly stated that it does not recommend any specific undergraduate majors or courses to prepare for legal education.

So why the obsession with prelaw? Students tend to think that prelaw is more closely linked with law school curriculum and will prepare them better for the rigours of law school. Some colleges have also been advocating the effectiveness of their pre law courses.

We suggest taking these pre law courses only if these subjects genuinely interest you. Colleges admit students with a broad base of knowledge and not pursuing a prelaw major will not put you at a disadvantage with any other law school applicant. In fact, taking the course of your choice will help you earn a better GPA and make your application stand out.

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Moreover, some reports have indicated that pre law students have fared worse in law school admission than their peers from other academic backgrounds. It shows that schools are not really paying attention to this information. If you do not score well in your LSAT or have low GPA, you will not be considered for admission even if you are a prelaw major.

If you are a prelaw student wanting to get into b-school, make sure that you get a high GPA and score well in the LSAT. Your application will stand out more with good performances in these two areas.

Prelaw Major: Benefits

However, there are some benefits associated with prelaw courses. You get to understand some legal concepts very early, meet and interact with lawyers and get some discounts on LSAT courses. Sometimes prelaw courses may also tell you whether law school is actually meant for you.

If you still want to do something closely linked to the field of law during your undergraduate years, take courses outside your major. You can opt for writing or public speaking classes as well.

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