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Should you worry about the experimental section of LSAT?

Should you worry about the experimental section of LSAT?

The LSAT experimental section is one of the biggest ironies of LSAT. While this section is unscored and holds no real meaning in the context of your LSAT scores, students are still very curious and worried about the experimental section. LSAT follows a typical structure with two logical reasoning sections, one logic games section and one reading comprehension section. The experimental section is an additional fifth section from any of these three subject areas.

Typically, this section can become a challenge since it can present different or more difficult types of problems. Moreover, many students try to determine the experimental section which can be an unwanted distraction during the exam. Many students tend to pinpoint a very tough or very easy section as the experimental section. However, it may not always be the case.

So, should you worry about the experimental section of LSAT? Normally, students are worried only if they really bomb one section in the LSAT. If you perform really badly in one section, there is a high probability that it may indeed be the experimental section. However, hold that thought till after the exam. Don’t let one bad section hamper your performance in the other sections. There have been many instances where students have scored in the high 170s despite not doing well in one section.

Moreover, if you have bombed just one section, do not rush into cancelling your LSAT scores. If you feel good about your performance, do not cancel your scores. It is easy to narrow down the experimental sections based on the exam composition. For instance, if there are two logic games sections, one of them is surely experimental. Based on this information, you can determine whether you did badly on one of these sections. If yes, you can safely wait for the scores.

Since you cannot accurately determine the experimental section, it is best to take every section seriously and put your best foot forward. Do not think too much about this experimental section. If you have prepared well for the LSAT, you will not be fazed by any section.

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