Taking the June LSAT ? Here Are Six Things You Need To Do

If you are taking the LSAT on June 6, 2016 in hopes of landing admission at a good law school, the next 3 months will mark the most important stage of your preparation process. You have to make sure that you take all the right steps in order to ensure that you give the your best shot.

Here’s six things you need to do for the June LSAT:

  1. Stick to your study plan – There is no time for slip ups now. Make sure that you utilize the last leg of the exam to the fullest. Review all the question and answer strategies and revise techniques if needed. Spend time working on your weaknesses and honing your strengths.
  2. Take practice tests – Spend the next few months taking full-length timed practice tests. Nothing will prepare you better for the June LSAT than practice tests. Once you have taken the exam, always go back and analyze answers. Look for efficient ways to solve problems. If time management is your problem, work on it. Practice tests will help build the endurance needed for the exam. You can access free LSAT practice tests on QS LEAP.
  3. Give it your best shot – Even if you know that you always have a chance of retaking the LSAT in September/October, make sure that you do not take the exam casually. Think of it as your last chance of taking the exam and give it your best shot.
  4. Ramp it up in May – Make sure that by May you have covered all the concepts tested in the exam. Utilize the Month of May strictly for practice tests and working on weaknesses. Here are some tips for approaching the exam in May.
  5. Register in time – Register early for the June LSAT. The published test centre registration deadline for June LSAT is April 20, 2016. Don’t forget this date.
  6. Take it easy – Remember that LSAT is not a test of your knowledge. The exam is designed to test your reasoning skills. Enjoy the process while you are in it. Picture yourself in your dream b-school. Follow these tips to overcome anxiety for LSAT.

All the best!

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