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Top 10 Facebook Pages for Preparation of LSAT

Top 10 Facebook Pages for Preparation of LSAT

If you are planning to take an LSAT any time sooner, then you can find numerous insightful tips, suggestions, and information on Facebook pages and groups dedicated to LSAT. You can avail latest updates and news on your mobile devices by following the activities on these groups. Here are given the details about best 10 FB pages related to LSAT preparations:

This is a large community of over 20,917 aspirants, experts, counselors, and teachers ready to assist you with practice tests and many other useful resources. Follow this page to stay updated about everything that is applicable to LSAT.

  • Law School Admission Council Official Page:

If you want to stay updated about the latest happenings related to LSAT, follow its official FB page having more than 3000 followers. It has resourceful information regarding this test, its dates, courses, test practices, and tips from participants based mostly in USA.

  • PowerScore LSAT Preparation:

This is a helpful community with strength of 4492 people. Follow this page run by a US-based team offering regular updates and contests related to LSAT preparations.

  • Blueprint LSAT Preparation:

It is a highly-rated LSAT prep resource based in California. On its FB page with 14,379 members, you can find lots of tips, advice, counseling, and suggestions for preparation of this test.

  • Manhattan Prep LSAT:

This is an enriching Facebook page run from New York and followed by 1723 people. Here, you can explore things like LSAT newsletter, contests, webinars, videos, and reviews.

  • Kaplan LSAT Prep:

On this US-based page, you will find help from a strong community of over 27,000 members. They have LSAT email signup to solve your queries, free events, polls, and much more to help in your studies.

  • The Princeton Review:

This page on Facebook has more than 32,000 followers. It can easily guide you with admission process of top law schools in US, Canada, and other countries where LSAT is applicable.

  • LSAT Test Prep:

Join this community of 12,438 members, mostly from USA, for free tips about LSAT preparation. Here, you can also get recent news and information related to this law school admission test.

  • LSAT Study Group:

This is a virtual community of 1564 people. Here, students taking LSAT can interact with their fellow aspirants, teachers, and counselors on various subject matters.

  • 7Sage LSAT Prep:

This is a group of Harvard grads and experienced people holding law degrees based in Vancouver, British Columbia. So, you can expect a lot of help coming your way by following this Facebook page.

This is our list of ten popular and resourceful FB pages for preparation of LSAT. Follow them regularly to prepare well for this law admission test.



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