Total cost of taking the LSAT

Before you start preparing for the LSAT, it is a good idea to know more about all the costs involved in taking the exam. Doing so will help you plan and distribute the expenses evenly to avoid last minute headaches. Remember that you should not just consider the cost of the exam. You should also keep in mind other costs such as exam preparation and auxiliary fees.


The basic fees for taking the LSAT is $175. If you opt for Credential Assembly Service (CAS), you will have to pay $170. Fees for late registration, test centre change and date change is $90 each. For Law School reports, you have to pay $30. For accommodated testing at a non-published test centre, you will have to pay $270 if you are a domestic student and $360 if you are international test taker.

LSAT prep materials can cost you anywhere between the range of $200-$800. If you opt for classroom training at reputed test prep companies, be prepared to shell out $1000-$1500. Of course if you opt for private tutors, it will cost you more at about $150 per hour.

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If you are not looking to spend much on LSAT prep, you can stick to the resources offered by LSAC. Called the Official LSAT SuperPrep and SuperPrep II, they are available for only $24 and $32 respectively. You can also get 1o official LSAT practice test series for just $24 from the LSAC website.

Hopefully, this article would have given you a direction to think about. Before starting preparation, make sure that you have all your expenses chalked out so that you can budget for them well. This is a very important step towards a hassle-free LSAT.

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