Utilizing the 15-minute LSAT break

The LSAC gives you a 15-minute break after Section 3 of the LSAT. Utilizing the 15-minute LSAT break well can ensure that you perform well in the remaining sections of the exam. The break is crucial because the 4-hour long exam, coupled with the exam day stress, can become exhausting for test takers.

Breaks give you a chance to re-energize your mind and body. Get out of the test centre and do some light stretches quickly. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing to alleviate exam day stress and strain on the eyes. Also, grab a quick snack and drink to provide quick energy to the body.

Remember that you are not allowed to leave the vicinity of the test center during the break. Do not access any prohibited material such as mobiles during the break. You will need to submit your test materials while leaving the test center. The same will be given back to you when you produce identification upon return. Make sure that you return within the stipulated time.

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These 15-minute breaks offer a great way to transition into the remaining two sections along with the writing sample. Utilizing them effectively will add that extra edge to your performance when you begin the exam again.

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