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What Is A Good LSAT Score?

What Is A Good LSAT Score?

If you want admission to the best law schools in the country, your LSAT scores will play a huge part. Students often ask – “What is a good LSAT score?” The higher you are on the 120-180 LSAT scoring scale, the better your chances of admission to a college of your choice.

To arrive at a target LSAT score, determine the colleges you are interested in. if you want to enter Harvard or Yale, you will have to score above 170+ in the LSAT. A score over 160 should place you in a good position for admission in most of the law schools in the country. Scoring below 140 will deem you unfit for most law schools.

Your GPA also plays a huge part in your admissions process. If you have a lower GPA, aim for a high LSAT score. If your GPA is very high, a slightly low LSAT score will not hurt too much. Generally, students with a good GPA and high LSAT scores should not find it difficult to get a seat at one of the top law schools.

Each score is also assigned a percentile ranking, indicating the percent of people that you scored better than. If your GPA and LSAT scores both fall within the 25-75 percentile ranges for a particular school, you stand a very good chance of admission to the law school. Generally, you want to be above both the LSAT and GPA medians for a particular school. The numbers for the entering class are available on the school website.

Achieving a good LSAT score not only gives you a seat at your dream law college. It is also useful for securing scholarships which can help reduce your law school debt.

However, keep in mind that high scores alone do not matter. Essays and recommendation letters also play a huge part in the admission process. A candidate with an extraordinary profile and a lower LSAT score maybe preferred over a candidate with a higher LSAT score.

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