What Makes LSAT Hard? What can make you trip?

Around 30,000 law school aspirants take LSAT every year and not one of them is going to tell you that it’s a walk in the park. Though there is no magic figure that will assure you admission into top law schools, getting LSAT score of 160 and above can definitely boost your chances.

But that is definitely not an easy task. Add to it the fact that experts believe you should take the LSAT only once and when you are best prepared for it. Although many candidates retake the test it’s not uncommon for law schools to only consider the highest or the most recent score.

So why is LSAT Hard?

Please note that we only want you to know what you are in for with the LSAT so that you can prepare for it in the best possible way. As they say, knowing your adversary can help you conquer him. And it’s about time you start treating LSAT as an adversary; a pretty tough one.

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Foreign logic

To begin with, LSAT is hard because you have to use logic that is not naturally intuitive to you. Three different sections have a different type of unintuitive problem each. Moreover the language is subtle, confusing and you are given way too much information to make things difficult.

Time pressure is enormous

Most LSAT takers comment that they would be more certain of an answer if they had more time for it. Unfortunately you have about a minute and a half to answer each question on the test. There might be a few easy questions, but overall it’s a sprint to the finish.

Stress that gets to you

A majority of law school aspirants know that they only have a few shots at the LSAT, and getting the score they have in mind. That raises the pressure on the test day manifold and those who score near perfect on practice tests can do miserably on the actual LSAT.

Prep can burn you out

LSAT is more of an IQ test than any of the other standardized tests. There is no real information that you can memorize and it only means you have to solve thousands of problems to get a hang of it. Fighting burnout is a common issue with test takers.

Needs you to study smart

Your natural ability with certain kinds of mental processes is going to be tested on the LSAT. Hence it’s important to study smart, way ahead of time and with the help of the best resource material.

LSAT is a tough battle, but it’s a battle that you can win.

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