When to Write a Law School Application Addendum?

Students are worried about tons of things when they are sending in their law school applications. One such component which confuses law school applicants is the addendum. First let’s understand about the word itself. Addendum means simply to add something, typically at the end of a document. In context of law school applications, addendum refers to a short write-up that you provide along with your application to address discrepancies in it.

So, when to write a law school addendum? Students tend to commit mistakes because there are no strict guidelines when it comes to providing addendum. Addendum is not a document to elaborate something about yourself unnecessarily. Admission officers expect unique insights about you in our resume and personal statements. Instead, addendum gives you an opportunity to address gaps in your application. Use it to address points which may raise doubts in the heads of admission officers.

For instance, if you have taken multiple LSATs and the scores vary extremely widely. You may use an addendum to explain the variance. Use it to explain the reasons for a poor performance. Never send in an addendum just for the heck of it. It is not a must and should never be used as a space filler.

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Apart from LSAT score discrepancies, addendum can be used to address issues with GPA and/or other areas related to your academic history such as interruptions, disciplinary actions and probations.

Remember that you have to explain, and not make excuses, in an addendum. Use it only if you have good enough explanations to provide for shortcomings. If you could not score well in the LSAT due to lack of preparation, it does not merit an addendum. Also, do not go overboard with them. Adding ten different addenda (plural of addendum) will never make any admission officer happy.

Finally, use it only to highlight glaring inconsistencies. Do not use an addendum to explain about simple things such as LSAT score variation of a few points or other tiny details. Use it well and you will enhance your application. Use it unnecessarily – and you are only spoiling your admission chances at the law school.

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