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Adjusting to shifting career demands from COVID 19

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By: Divya Mukhopadhyay

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About This Webinar

The COVID crisis has left most us grappling with confusion over how best to plan our lives ahead. Prospecting students looking to continue education and fresh graduates from the 2020 batch seem to be the worst hit by this uncertainty. We understand that this bizarre onset of unprecedented chaos may have put you into worry about the future.

While that worry may be justified, we can still imagine a healthy career for ourselves. And that's because career planning is a process and not a singular event. It continues over our whole lifespan, and in many ways our careers adjust to who we become. So yes, there's turmoil, but there's also the knowledge that adaptation is our most basic human skill. 

Let's get together to talk about how we can adjust to the shifting demands COVID-19 has placed on our careers. Register to attend!

Webinar Speakers

Divya Mukhopadhyay

Psychologist and Community Leader | QS-LEAP HQ

Divya has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University in Wales, UK, and has closely studied varying models of behaviour and neuro-science. She has been immersed in the Education sector for four years now, working for and towards the betterment of young minds. She is particularly well-integrated with student behaviors because of her work with the student population, and consistently works toward enabling potential across students from all ages and backgrounds. Divya is also a Verbal Tutor for tests like the GMAT, GRE and SAT on the QS-LEAP platform.

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