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Advance your career in Ireland with the Trinity MBA

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By: Eoghan O’Sullivan

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About This Webinar

With some high quality MBA programs and business schools, Ireland is beginning to attract attention from international as well as local MBA aspirants. With a recent but impressive business school heritage, and a famously well-managed economy, Ireland also boasts a friendly and welcoming culture to study in.

Professor Amanda Shantz, Director of the MBA Program at Trinity College Dublin believes that Ireland has graduated into a country with a lot to offer to the business leaders of the future.

Register and watch this On-demand webinar video title 'Advance your career in Ireland with the Trinity MBA' by Trinity Business School.

Expected takeaways-

  • Learn what employment opportunities Ireland can provide as the home to companies like Google, Facebook, HP and many more.
  • Learn about the various Trinity MBA scholarship opportunities to reduce the cost of your MBA.

Webinar Speakers

Eoghan O’Sullivan

MBA Admissions Manager @ Trinity

Eoghan has overseen the admissions for the Trinity MBA programme since 2015, during this time Trinity Business School has undergone 120% growth, attained EQUIS accreditation and opened it’s new state of the art Business School on the University’s historic 450 year old campus in Dublin city centre. Prior to working with Trinity Business School Eoghan was MBA Development Manager with Technology University Dublin after a career working in the finance industry. Eoghan holds a Masters Degree in Finance.

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About The Institute

Trinity Business School is at the heart of world renowned university located at the core of Dublin, an international capital city and hub for global business on a 450 year old historic camps t's not listed in the Lonely Planet’s Top 500 Best Places on the Planet as we have over 160,000 tourists visiting each year.

Trinity Business School was founded in 1925 and has had an innovative role in management education and research which both serve and influence industry. Over the years, our School has played a pioneering role in bringing the MBA to Europe and has created one of Europe’s most sought after undergraduate business degree programmes as well as having a series of top ranked MSc programmes. We also have a vibrant PhD programme with successful graduates working across the globe and generating impact through their research. More recently the school has attained EQUIS accreditation and opened it’s near zero carbon 16,000sqm state of the art building.

The Trinity MBA is designed to develop today’s business leaders, boosting their careers and the performance of the organisations in which they are engaged. Our global reach is evident in the classroom; our students are incredibly diverse, and our teaching team matches that level of diversity. On top of a suite of core business modules, such as Economics, Finance and Marketing, are three live company projects. Students gain experience in new industries and organisations, solving realworld business problems in (1) a multinational or large Irish player; (2) a social enterprise; and (3) a company that aspires to scale. At the same time, the MBA challenges students to develop into the type of leader they always aspired to be.

The Trinity MBA is at the centrepiece of the business school of a world-famous university located at the heart of an historic campus in the centre of Dublin; an international capital city and a hub for global business. This year, we opened our new state-of-the-art building. This near zero energy, six-storey building includes an innovation and entrepreneurial hub, a 600-seat auditorium, smart classrooms and the latest digital technology; and it remains in the heart of Trinity’s campus.

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