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Become a Digital Pioneer: Study Tech & Data at UE

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By: Prof. Johannes Kiessler

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About This Webinar

From Software Engineering, Data Science to Visual Experience or UX Design- the demand for qualified workers in this field is growing rapidly. At the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) we are convinced that these fields will continue to grow in importance across the globe.

We've recently launched our new campus the UE Innovation Hub near Berlin, as our fourth German location. We asked our very own Professor Johannes Kiessler, programme director of our Innovation Design Master, to introduce the new location to you, its surroundings, the student life and career opportunities with a tech & data degree of UE. During the webinar, he will give you a brief description of all Bachelor and Master study options at the UE Innovation Hub. However, he will emphasize the student life in Germany, in and around Berlin, at the Innovation Hub as well as the rich cultural opportunities available to all students.

Register and watch this on-demand webinar titled "Become a Digital Pioneer: Study Tech & Data at UE" if you are interested in tech & data or design study programmes in Germany or if you simply want to get to know one of our professors.

Key takeaways:

  • Get to know the location and opportunities through studying at the UE Innovation Hub near Berlin (100 % of all courses at the Innovation Hub are taught in English).
  • Gain insights into all Bachelor's and Master's study programmes offered at the Innovation Hub.
  • Study hand-on: Learn more about our student projects, collaboration partners as well as field trips and excursions that are all part of the curriculum.
  • Learn more about the student life in and around the German capital and why the Innovation Hub is in the center of Germany's largest Science spot.
  • Learn more about the benefits and advantages you will gain by studying at UE compared to any other German university.

Webinar Speakers

Prof. Johannes Kiessler

Programme Director for Innovation Design Management

Johannes is a designer, a strategic marketer with over 20 years of experience, and a professor at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.  He is a design and strategy consultant working for German and international clients such as BMW, Bosch, and Lufthansa. Since 2019, he is the Programme Director of the M.A. Innovation Design Management at UE. Johannes is passionate about the creation of design-driven solutions for complex problems. During his career, he won several awards such as the "Good Design Award" (by Chicago Athenaeum) and the "Award of Excellence" (by I.D. Design Review)

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About The Institute

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences Europe with campus locations in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg, and the newly opened Innovation Hub (Postdam, near Berlin), is a state-recognized private university. With programmes in Business Management, Digital Business, Media & Data Science, Sports Management, Psychology as well as Art & Design, the university is developing the innovators of tomorrow.

The UE has access to nearly 20 years of experience in economics new technologies and designs a sought-after combination of expertise in times of digital transformation. Due to their large network of partners and universities all over the world, UE fosters a uniquely international and intercultural exchange, not only in their research and teaching but also through numerous practical projects.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) has been recognized as a university at the state level. On February 2021, UE was granted the system-accreditation status, which is the highest possible form of accreditation and a tribute to the highest standards for internal quality management processes within the university sector. Only a handful of private institutions in Germany have received such recognition of excellence.

Programmes offered at the UE Innovation Hub are:

Bachelor‘s Programmes:

  • Digital Product Management, B.A.
  • Digital Media & Marketing, B.Sc.
  • Digital Business & Data Science, B.Sc.
  • Software Engineering, B.Sc.
  • UX/UI Design, B.A.

Master‘s Programmes:

  • Creative Computing, M.A.
  • Data Science, M.Sc.
  • Software Engineering, M.Sc.
  • Innovation Design Management, M.A.
  • Visual & Experience Design, M.A.

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