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Benefits of Pursuing Masters in Management in US

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By: Alex Chisholm & Sanjeev Khagram, PhD

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About This Webinar

A Masters in Management (MiM) helps your profile stand out during the early stages of your career. This is especially important in the challenging hiring environment that has been brought on by the global spread of the Coronavirus. In this session, you’ll learn who the MIM is designed for, what to expect from the classroom experience it offers, and the typical career outcomes associated with the degree.

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This webinar is co-created by Thunderbird School of Global Management.

You can expect to take away the following from the session:

  • Various Masters in Management (MiM) programs in the US.
  • Career opportunities post an MiM across the globe.
  • Current challenges amidst the global spread of the Coronavirus.
  • An overview of the Masters in Management program at Thunderbird School of Management.

Webinar Speakers

Alex Chisholm

Head of Analytics - QS

Alex is currently Head of Analytics for QS. His focus is on trends impacting students and schools in business education worldwide. Alex has more than a decade of experience working as a researcher and teacher in higher education. Prior to joining QS, Alex led the research team at the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and he continues to teach applied data courses for Harvard University Extension School. He holds a master’s degree in economics from George Mason University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Alex brings a meaningful & data-driven insight into decisions that candidates take across the world for their higher studies.During this webinar, he intends to dig into his vast experience, guided by numbers, to present the merits of pursuing Masters in Management in US

Sanjeev Khagram, PhD

Director General and Dean

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram is a world-renowned scholar and practitioner in the areas of globalization, transnationalism, leadership, strategic management, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, cross-sector innovation, public-private partnerships, inter-organizational networks, good governance, transparency, the global political economy, sustainable development, human security, and the data revolution. He holds a bachelor's in development studies and engineering, a master's degree and doctoral degree minor in economics and doctorate in political economy, all from Stanford University. He has worked extensively with global start-ups, corporations, governments, civil society groups, multilateral organizations, cross-sectoral action networks, public-private partnerships, foundations, professional associations and universities all over the world from the local to the international levels.

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