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Career in Economics & Management: Success Guide

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By: Alberto Lazzari

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About This Webinar

Economics and management play a vital role in our everyday life. It offers an unparalleled experience to challenge your perspectives on the way firms and markets operate and to develop lifelong skills as a talented and innovative manager and economist.

An education in economics and management enables you to graduate with the ability to tackle complex decisions, deal with unknown changes in today's rapidly changing world and champion new ideas to drive innovation in firms and markets. In this webinar, learn how studying a programme in economics and management will help you gain a solid grounding for your career progression.

What's more, the webinar is followed by a Q&A session where you'll get more tips and bits of advice to make a well-informed decision.

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Key takeaways:

  1. Discover various master's degree programmes in economics and management and identify which programme is the best fit for you.
  2. Gain insights into the real cost of studying and living in Italy.
  3. Get essential tips on submitting a winning application.
  4. Hear how the University of Padova supports and engages with its international students.

Webinar Speakers

Alberto Lazzari

Global Engagement Officer

Alberto Lazzari is a Global Engagement Officer at the University of Padua, where he assists international students who are looking to join their University. Alberto has studied International Relations and Diplomacy at various Universities in Italy and abroad, such as Lisbon and Buenos Aires. This has helped him gain insights into how different universities operate and as well as firsthand experiences as an international student. Post studying, Alberto joined the University of Padua to help international students follow their passion and become part of their community.

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About The Institute

The University of Padova is a world-leading research-intensive university that has been driving global change since its foundation in 1222. The University offers a broad and comprehensive portfolio of over 50 Programmes taught in English and more than 150 programmes taught in Italian. The tuition fees are extremely competitive when compared with those of other top-ranking universities. The University of Padova grants a large number of merit and income-based scholarships sponsoring international student tuitions under living costs.

Becoming a student of the University of Padova means joining a large and vibrant international community which accounts for over 30% of the local population. The University affords a unique learning environment and is intertwined with the town and its layout Well connected to other main destinations in Italy and abroad. Padova is a welcoming and charming city ensuring one of the finest Italian experiences through a combination of history culture art and thriving businesses.

The programmes they intend to offer:

  • Business Administration.
  • Economics and Finance.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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