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Connecting And Influencing People

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By: Professor William Presada

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About This Webinar

As the modern workplace becomes more interpersonal and competitive, strong soft skills will become a necessity for the modern business man and woman to ensure a productive, efficient, collaborative and healthy work environment. In fact, soft skills are becoming so important that by 2030, around 2/3 of all job roles will require employees with soft skills.
In a world of lost human connections, this short webinar by Professor William Presada is an attempt by FIA Business School to reemphasize to its audience the genuine significance of the two basic and rather essential soft skills of connecting and influencing people.
Before the main talk by Professor William begins, you will hear Professors Samantha Mazzero and Nelson Yoshida talk about the International accelerated MBA program at FIA Business School that has been designed keeping in mind the need for futuristic thinking and cross-cultural management skills, alongside of course the very important soft "people" skills that you will be encouraged to imbibe during your time at Sao Paulo._
In his talk, Professor William will be covering in-depth the values of:
• Active listening
• Asking questions
• Empathy
• Creativity
• Knowing yourself
When you become genuinely interested in other people, you make them feel important, and that's how you build influence!
After all, everyone wants to be liked, loved and accepted.
Those who can effectively connect and influence others can and will achieve their goals and objectives more successfully than those who cannot.

Webinar Speakers

Professor William Presada

Prof-Business Model Creation @ FIA B-School, São Paulo

Professor William Presada is a Soft-skills Instructor, Executive Coach and a Public Speaker currently associated with Profuturo, FIA Business School as an International MBA Professor of Business Model Creation and Development. He has an MS in Business Management and has been a Former Administrative Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce of São Paulo.

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About The Institute

FIA Business School is known for its excellence in management and future studies. Our students are considered the most experienced in the world and the most diverse, according to the QS Rankings.

FIA’s International MBA Accelerated is a 14 months graduate program specially designed for a multicultural group of students from Europe, Americas and Asia. Taught entirely in English, the program offers a unique perspective, with an immersion in the business-oriented environment in São Paulo, Brazil’s most dynamic city, in contact with other students and executives of diverse nationalities.

The program includes students from Brazil and overseas, with experienced managers, average age of 32 and 8 years management experience. Each group is formed by up to 30 selected according to their capability to exchange professional experiences, analyze new concepts, distinctive cultures with a strong commitment to learning and intellectual development.

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