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Crisis Management of Coronavirus at exponential rate

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By: Carlos Victor Costa

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About This Webinar

The webinar explains how crisis management is an essential discipline in times of vulnerability and uncertainty. We will analyze the COVID-19 crisis as and what organizations should do to manage complex crises.

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Key takeaways-

  • Key concepts that you need to understand and manage to handle corporate crises
  • Analysis of the COVID-19 crisis: lessons learned with a crisis that changed the world
  • How to manage a crisis: key activities and abilities that you need to have to face “point of no return” situations
  • The ASCK Model: presenting the four pillars of crisis management based on the academic research and practical experiences

Webinar Speakers

Carlos Victor Costa

PHD. Director of Graduate Communications Programs at ESIC

Carlos Victor Costa is highly driven senior Digital, Marketing & Corporate Communications Executive & Consultant with over 20 years’ B2B and B2C experience within world-class service and customer-focused organisations.He has developed his career with full corporate and marketing mix responsibilities in large organisations; developed innovative communications (external/internal) and marketing communications programmes; managed stakeholder communication, created and implemented digital marketing strategy both in-house and/or on the agency side. He has demonstrable experience in campaign planning, delivery, and ability to work directly with C-suite executives. He is an expert in digital communications & crisis management. Proven ability to manage a high calibre communications department and transform marketing and communications.

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About The Institute

ESIC Business & Marketing School was founded in 1965 by the religious institution Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and has become the leading Business School in the training of Marketing professionals in Spain. It is renowned internationally for its high level of specialization. Now, more than 50 years later, ESIC is one of the leading Marketing schools, recognized inside and outside of our borders as one of the best training centers of its kind. With more than 62.000 alumni, ESIC is a prestigious point of reference for companies and professionals. It holds important affiliation agreements with national and international organisations, both academic and institutional, which include student and teacher exchanges, executive education programmes and a wide range of additional activities. ESIC's programs are in constant evolution and provide academic training in the areas of marketing, business management, communication, human resources, finance, digital environments, international trade, market research, etc.

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