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Defining leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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By: Sanjeev Khagram, PhD

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About This Webinar

Global leaders in both the private and public sectors are tasked with walking a fine line, finding a delicate balance between taking great risks and protecting their organization. They must find ways to leap into the future without entirely compromising themselves or the enterprise. Developing a new generation of global leaders for the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires innovation in how we think about and execute on higher education. Thunderbird School of Global Management is the vanguard of global leadership, management, and business education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They are much more than a school. Thunderbird is a global network of future-ready leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across the private and public sectors who advance inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide.

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Webinar takeaways:

  • The three primary challenges and opportunities facing humanity, business, governments and nonprofits around the world today are contested globalization, planetary sustainability, and technological transformation
  • Multiple technologies are fundamentally changing  the way we work and relate to one another. In this era, organizations need new kind of global leaders and managers.
  • Global leaders must be agile and resilient, equipped with global and digital mindsets, cross-cultural and social intelligence, as well as hard and soft skillsets to drive innovation and success in this era of rapid change, complexity and uncertainty.
  • Understanding and preparing to be the type of global leaders and managers organizations demand in these dynamic and challenging times is key to career advancement and success, regardless of industry or sector.

Webinar Speakers

Sanjeev Khagram, PhD

Director General and Dean

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram is a world-renowned scholar and practitioner in the areas of globalization, transnationalism, leadership, strategic management, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, cross-sector innovation, public-private partnerships, inter-organizational networks, good governance, transparency, the global political economy, sustainable development, human security, and the data revolution. He holds a bachelor's in development studies and engineering, a master's degree and doctoral degree minor in economics and doctorate in political economy, all from Stanford University. He has worked extensively with global start-ups, corporations, governments, civil society groups, multilateral organizations, cross-sectoral action networks, public-private partnerships, foundations, professional associations and universities all over the world from the local to the international levels.

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About The Institute

Thunderbird prepares global leaders and managers equipped with the future-ready skills and hands-on experience that organizations around the world demand in order to seize the immense opportunities offered in this era of technological transformation, economic complexity.

Global Management Program

Thunderbird’s #1-ranked Master of Global Management program offers 17 concentrations, applied learning, and internships in real-world settings around the globe where students gain hands-on experience and learn from the diverse perspectives of a global cohort of classmates. Graduates join a prestigious worldwide alumni network of 45,000 leaders across 170 alumni chapters.

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