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Digital Transformation- A new Industrial Revolution

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By: Prof. Alexandre Del Rey

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About This Webinar

Today’s evolving business landscape puts organizations under constant pressure to innovate, making digital transformation a top priority for businesses. For some, digital transformation efforts are yielding positive results. However, many companies are struggling to reap the benefits of digital transformation, as becoming a digital enterprise is no small undertaking. It requires comprehensive, systemic change.

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Here are some takeaways you will learn in the session:

- The 8 essential emerging technologies and how you can prepared for them.
- Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things.
- A comprehensive understanding of Robots and Artificial Intelligence.
- An understanding of how Innovation can effectively lead you onto the VUCA model of leadership

Webinar Speakers

Prof. Alexandre Del Rey

Project Management and Technology Professor at FIA

With more than 20 years of experience in multinational companies such as Eaton, Siemens and Voith in Brazil, USA, Germany and China, Professor Alexandre Del Rey is also a lecturer in a wide range of events in themes like Innovation, Technology, Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Behavioral Economics in Brazil, USA and Europe. Professor in many business schools in Brazil, such as FIA, StartSe and Senac.

Professor Alexandre Del Rey is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Innovation Management. He has a Master degree in Business in Quantitative Methods for Competitive Intelligence at FEA-USP and also an MBA at FGV-EASP, along with other specializations in Knowledge Management and Negotiation at FGV, Finance at Michigan State University and International Relations at USP. Alexandre earned his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP.

He is the founder of I2AI – International Association of Artificial Intelligence – an association that promotes the acceleration of IA technologies in companies all around the world.

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About The Institute

FIA Business School is known for its excellence in management and future studies. Our students are considered the most experienced in the world and the most diverse, according to the QS Rankings.

FIA’s International MBA Accelerated is a 14 months graduate program specially designed for a multicultural group of students from Europe, Americas and Asia. Taught entirely in English, the program offers a unique perspective, with an immersion in the business-oriented environment in São Paulo, Brazil’s most dynamic city, in contact with other students and executives of diverse nationalities.

The program includes students from Brazil and overseas, with experienced managers, average age of 32 and 8 years management experience. Each group is formed by up to 30 selected according to their capability to exchange professional experiences, analyze new concepts, distinctive cultures with a strong commitment to learning and intellectual development.

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