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Embracing Data Analytics in MBA: Goodman's Journey

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By: Anteneh Ayanso

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About This Webinar

We’re moving towards an era that’s big on data and data analytics, and as a result, there’s an increasing need for candidates to add data analytics to their business arsenal in what’s becoming a very digital world. An increasing number of business schools around the world are recognizing the significance of data analytics as a result, many are beginning to incorporate specific data analytics into their degree program’s curricula – more specifically, the MBA.

The Goodman School of Business is among those schools in Canada that started this journey early. In this webinar, Dr. Anteneh Ayanso has reflected on several years of his experiences in course development and teaching in this area. He has reviewed Goodman's journey in the training of both undergraduate and graduate students, and will discuss the current challenges and initiatives as well as future career potentials that a student holds in this exciting field of study.

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Key takeaways:

  1. Understand analytics in a broader context.
  2. Understand the significance of training in analytics today.
  3. Get lessons from Goodman-one of Canada's first MBA specializations in Business Analytics. 
  4. Understand pedagogical challenges and opportunities.
  5. Know more about ways to boost your career prospects.

What's more, the on-demand webinar will be followed by a Q&A session where you'll get more insights.

Webinar Speakers

Anteneh Ayanso


Ayanso is a Professor of Information Systems and is the founding Director of the Centre for Business Analytics at Brock University. He has spearheaded the training and research initiatives in data science and analytics, including the design of Goodman's MBA specialization in Business Analytics. He is also the program co-proponent and inaugural Director of Brock's new BSc in Data Sciences and Analytics program. He is a regular speaker, panelist and moderator in many academic and industry forums. His accolades include a Fulbright Scholarship Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching Graduate Professor of the Year and Departmental Researcher of the Year.

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About The Institute

The Goodman School of Business is a globally oriented and community-dedicated business school located in St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada. Their students gain academic knowledge, real-world experience and the confidence to use their skills to create change accredited by AACSB the school is proud to be one of the top five percent of business schools in the world.

Studying at Goodman is characterized by small class sizes and interactive lectures with scholars who are passionate experts in their field Inclass experiential education opportunities give students a chance to act as consultants for local organizations. The MBA co-op option provides valuable work experience that will help you launch your career.

The programme they offer:

  • Master of Business Administration

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